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“Awakening Minds The Inside Out Way” is for Life, Work & Business


As a HR and Mind Mentor I work with HR professionals, People Managers and Business owners who are stressed and burned-out from keeping pace with their efforts to be successful in their high performance work environments. 

Regardless of the culture and environment you are in, I can show you how to align your potential, performance and wellbeing and be at your best more of the time in Life, Work & Business.

If you want to rediscover and reconnect with your innate resilience, mental health and wellbeing so you can Live Freely again, Enjoy your Life and Fulfil your Potential then schedule a Discovery Call with me and begin your journey to Free Yourself from the Limitations of Your Own Mind.

Everyone deserves Peace of Mind and to do the work and live a life they love.



When you Know How To Live Freely

Your Potential, Performance and Wellbeing fall into place naturally

When we don’t know that our mind affects everything we do, we repeatedly come up against the same challenges and struggles and most of us look outside ourselves for the answers.

The Transformation comes from understanding and experiencing how we create our life experience from “The Inside Out”


When you start to operate with more understanding and clarity about how life works and how we create our life experiences, these challenges and struggles look different, lose their impact and you begin to move forward.

Living Freely The “Inside out Way” is for anyone who wants to discover how to bring more Ease, Balance and Flow into their Life and Work. When you discover this; Aligning your Potential, Performance and Wellbeing will then naturally fall into place.


When you Know How To Live Freely

Your Potential, Performance and Wellbeing falls into place naturally.

Stress, Anxiety Overwhelm, Burnout

I’ve travelled my own journey through repeated burnout, stress, overwhelm and anxiety and discovering The Inside Out Way is what helped me find Freedom from those experiences.

In recent times, every one of us has had to respond to unprecedented circumstances. I’ve seen clients navigate all sorts of challenges and making a lot of tough decisions about their lives, work and businesses and wondering what is next and how they are going to manage and survive. I see the negative impact this has on people.

The world can look different when you discover The Inside out Way. I have been so grateful for this understanding during these unusual times. Like everyone else, my mind has gone in a million directions and I have experienced every emotion under the sun. This understanding has kept me grounded and helped me maintain my equilibrium.

I would love you to have this experience for yourself.



“What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

 Working with Me

Living Freely was born out of my own transformation. Having found my own Freedom from my Lived Experience of stress, anxiety and burnout.  I now share with others How to align their own Potential, Performance and Wellbeing in their Lives, Work and Businesses.

What’s on offer here is the opportunity to have a Transformative Experience so you can Live Freely and Love your Life again!


Book Your Discovery Call with me to Discuss Your Next Steps to Living Freely

12 Week Programme €1,500

How it Feels to Find Freedom & Peace of Mind

“Jan really opened my eyes to a lot of thinking that was the root of my suffering! She has a way of simplifying the most complex problems. She is patient, accepting and very intuitive. Her light heartedness make the sessions very pleasurable and what would begin as a pain point would end up as me having a good laugh at myself! No matter what topic, Jan always enlightened me and helped me to awaken my own wisdom from within. I highly recommend Jan for anyone looking for heightened awareness and a breakthrough in their life in a profound way”. SB.

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