HR Mentoring

Keeping You Compliant

Connecting you with your People

Aligning your people to deliver Business Results

Jan Harte will advise and guide you as you create and implement HR structures and systems. 

We will also share our expertise and support you across a wide range of complex HR challenges.

Our advice, support and guidance will help to keep you compliant, connect you with your people and align your people to deliver business results.

We build excellent client relationships and provide you with practical approaches to creating innovative HR solutions.

Whether you are a new or an existing business, we are here to help.


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Employment Law Compliance

Irish companies operate in a web of sometimes complex Employment Legislation that is forever changing.  Helping you to become compliant goes a long way to minimising your exposure to costly employee claims and gives you peace of mind. 

Best Practice Employee Relations

To achieve your business goals, everyone must be in the same boat, rowing in the same direction. 

Positive Employee Relations can be achieved when the proper HR structures and systems are in place and transparent to all. 

That way, even when issues do arise, they can be processed in a fair and consistent manner.

Performance Management
If you want to tap into the power of your people to deliver on your business strategy and grow your bottom line, then creating a culture of Performance Management is key to gaining that competitive edge.

Some key elements of performance management include objective setting, feedback and coaching, evaluating performance and dealing effectively with poor performance.

Conflict & Dispute Resolution

It is normal for conflict to arise in the course of business but it doesn’t have to be destructive. When conflict does arise, we can bring our expertise to help you work through it, in a structured, positive and professional manner. We are experienced in conducting Workplace Investigations, Mediations and Facilitation in line with current employment legislation, codes of practice and industry standards.

Employee Engagement

We all know a company’s greatest asset is its people.
Employee Engagement is about ensuring your employees are motivated and focused to willingly deliver their best effort on individual, team and company goals.

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