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Our suite of HR Toolkits provide guidance and documents to support your operational HR requirements. By using our HR Toolkits you will have Peace of Mind knowing that you are following best practice and using compliant documents. We have been successfully using these documents with our clients for over a decade. We are continuously extending our suite of HR Toolkits.

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Recruitment & Selection

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+ Recruitment & Selection Overview

+ Recruitment & Selection Policy & Procedure

+ Job Advertisement Template

+ Reference Check Template

+ Job Analysis Form

+ Job Description Form

+ Interview Evaluation Record

+ Standard Response Unsolicited CV’s

+ Letter or Email Invite for Regular Interview

+ Regret Before Interview

+ Regret After Interview

+ Recruitment & Selection Guide

Employee Induction

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+ Employee Induction Overview

+ Employee Induction Policy & Procedure

+ Pre-Induction Plan

+ Induction Roadmap

+ Week 2 Induction Survey

+ SMART Goals Template

+ 3 Month Formal Review

+ 6 Month Employee Self-Assessment

+ End of Probation Review

+ Post Induction Survey

+ Weekly 121 Check-In Questions

+ New Employee Email

Attendance & Absence Management

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+ Attendance, Absence Management & Sick Pay Overview

+ Attendance & Absence Policy & Procedure, No Sick Pay

+ Attendance & Absence Policy & Procedure, With Sick Pay

+ Employee Absence and Lateness Record

+ Annual Leave Tracker

+ Return to Work Interview Form

+ Self-Certification Absence Form

+ WRC Sample Organisation of Working Time Act Form – Multiple Employees

+ Monthly Time Sheet Breaks x2

+ Independent Medical Assessment – Return to Work

+ Independent Medical Assessment – Still Absent

+ Return to Work Interview Guide

Statutory Leaves

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+Adoptive Leave Policy & Procedure

+Adoptive Leave Application Form

+Bereavement Leave Policy & Procedure

+Bereavement Leave Form

+Bereavement Leave Checklist for the Employer

+Carer’s Leave Policy & Procedure

+Carer’s Leave Confirmation Form to Payroll

+Carer’s Leave Confirmation Letter

+Notice of Intention to take Carer’s Leave

+Carer’s Leave Checklist for the Employer

+Force Majeure Leave Policy & Procedure

+Application Letter for Force Majeure Leave

+Force Majeure Leave Checklist for the Employer

+Jury Duty Leave Policy & Procedure

+Jury Duty Leave Application Form

+Jury Duty Leave Confirmation Letter

+Maternity Leave Policy & Procedure

+Maternity Leave Application Form

+Maternity Leave Checklist for the Employer

+Maternity Leave Checklist for the Employee

+Parental Leave Policy & Procedure

+Parental Leave Confirmation Form to Payroll

+Notice of Intention to take Parental Leave

+Parental Leave Confirmation Letter

+Parent’s Leave Policy & Procedure

+Parent’s Leave Confirmation Form to Payroll

+Notice of Intention to take Parent’s Leave

+Parent’s Leave Confirmation Letter

+Paternity Leave Policy & Procedure

+Paternity Leave Application Form

Employee Relations

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+Disciplinary Policy & Procedure

+Disciplinary Meeting Invite

+Notice of Verbal, Written or Final Written Warning

+Notice of Appeal Meeting against Disciplinary Action

+Outcome of Appeal against Disciplinary Action

+Record of Disciplinary Action

+Disciplinary Hearing Checklist

+Disciplinary Guide

+Grievance Policy & Procedure

+Raise a Grievance letter or email template

+Formal Grievance Acknowledgement (Invitation to Mediation)

+Notification of a Formal Grievance

+Formal Grievance Acknowledgement (Formal Grievance Action)

+Outcome of Formal Grievance

+Appeal Outcome of Formal Grievance

+Notice of Appeal Meeting for Grievance Outcome

+Outcome of Appeal for Grievance Outcome
Grievance Guide

+Dignity at Work Policy & Procedure

+Self-audit Checklist for the Complainant

+Self-audit Checklist for the Respondent

Covid 19

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+ Overview of Covid-19 Return to Work Safely Toolkit
+ Covid-19 Company Policy& Procedure
+ 1st Time Return/Visit after Covid-19 Lockdown
+ General Hygiene Policy & Procedure to Prevent Spread of Covid-19
+ Policy & Procedure for Anyone Feeling Unwell
+ Policy & Procedure for Response to a Suspected Case of Covid-19
+ Remote Access Policy & Procedure
+ Remote Working Policy & Procedure
+ Covid-19 Attending In-House Activities Policy & Procedure
+ Covid-19 Contact Tracing in relation to a Suspected Case of Covid-19
+ Covid-19 Response Plan Template
+ Covid-19 Employee Declaration Log Sheet
+ Covid-19 Risk Assessment
+ Covid-19 Induction Training Log Sheet
+ Covid-19 Close Working Log Sheet
+ Covid-19 Compliance Officer Responsibilities
+ Covid-19 Permit to work less than 2m
+ Covid-19 Questionnaire for Visitor/Contractor
+ Covid-19 Letter to Employees Setting Out Position on Absence & Pay due to Coronavirus
+ Covid-19 Letter to Employees Reminding them of their Responsibilities in relation to the Control of Infectious Diseases
+ Covid-19 Cleaning Protocols 2020
+ Covid-19 Physical Distancing Protocol 2020
+ Covid-19 Employee Declaration Form
+ Covid-19 Employee Daily Contact Tracing Log
+ Covid-19 Visitors/Contractor Contact Tracing Log
+ Covid-19 Issue & Receipt of PPE Form
+ Covid-19 Business Continuity Planning – Checklist of Preparatory Actions
+ Covid-19 Response Plan – Checklist Planning and Preparing
+ Covid-19 Response Plan – Checklist Control Measures to Prevent Infection
+ Covid-19 Response Plan – Checklist Induction and Familiarisation
+ Covid-19 Response Plan- Checklist Dealing with a Suspected Case of Covid-19
+ Covid-19 Response Plan – Checklist Cleaning & Disinfection in the Workplace
+ Covid-19 Response Plan -Checklist Employee Responsibilities in the Workplace
+ Covid-19 Response Plan -Checklist Compliance Officer(s)
+ Covid-19 Response Plan – Checklist PPE Supplies Inventory
+ Covid-19 Response Plan – Checklist Daily Cleaning
+ Employee Checklist for Covid-19 Induction Training

Performance Management

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+ Performance Management & Employee Development Overview

+ Performance Management & Employee Development Policy & Procedure

+ Performance Improvement Plan Policy & Procedure

+ Job Analysis Form

+ Job Description Form

+ SMART Goals Form

+ Manager’s Mid-Year Review Form

+ Self-Assessment Form

+ Performance Review & Development Plan

+ Performance Improvement Plan

+ Performance Review Tracker

+ List of Competencies

+ Manager Coaching Form

+ Notice of Formal Performance Management Review Meeting

+ Competency Guide

+ Manager’s Coaching Guide

More To Follow

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